Secure Internal Communication: Streamlining Collaboration with Open-Source Solutions

In today's digital workplace, secure and efficient communication is a cornerstone of success. Fostering collaboration across teams, streamlining information sharing, and ensuring data privacy are crucial aspects of a well-connected workforce. Barsi offers a compelling response to these needs through its open-source software solutions. These solutions provide powerful tools for secure internal communication, catering to diverse communication styles.


barsi chatsi

Chatsi: Secure Organizational Messaging App

ChatSi is an end-to-end open-source encrypted messaging application with support for voicemail, video calls and video conferences.



barsi meetsi

Meetsi: Secure Open-source Video Conference Communication

Designing and creating a stable, secure, open-source, distributable, agile and service-oriented infrastructure using the world’s latest knowledge for video conference communication with meeting management in a completely secure manner.