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SAMAN: Optimized Route Planning for Fire Fighters

Saman is a cutting-edge, web-based GIS software designed to revolutionize fire monitoring and response. By integrating advanced geospatial solutions, Saman helps locate the best routes to fire-affected areas, ensuring timely and efficient firefighting efforts.

The system leverages a comprehensive array of data management tools, environmental monitoring capabilities, and high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery.

With real-time fire hazard analysis and GIS routing, Saman provides the critical support needed for optimal fire station deployment and route planning.

Key Features of Saman:

- Geospatial Solutions: Harness the power of GIS software to accurately map and analyze fire-prone areas.
- Data Management: Efficiently handle and utilize large datasets for informed decision-making.
- Satellite Imagery: Use high-resolution satellite images to get a detailed view of fire locations and their surroundings.
- Fire Monitoring: Continuously track fire incidents with up-to-the-minute data.
- GIS Routing: Determine the most efficient routes for firefighting units, taking into account current traffic conditions and other critical factors.