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Mapsi: Your Ultimate GIS Solution for Powerful Spatial Data Management and Analysis

In the dynamic field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), having a reliable, secure, and versatile platform is essential. Introducing Mapsi, a cutting-edge geospatial solution designed to revolutionize the way you manage, analyze, and visualize spatial data. Built on the robust standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Mapsi provides comprehensive tools and features tailored for professionals and organizations alike.

Key Features of Mapsi

Secure Spatial Data Management

Mapsi ensures your geographic data is securely managed with advanced security protocols, including OAuth 2.0 authentication and centralized access controls. Your data's integrity and confidentiality are our top priorities.

Advanced Base Map Services

Enhance your projects with a variety of base maps, including satellite imagery, urban maps, and 3D visualizations. Mapsi supports the display of temporal vector and raster layers and offers centralized cloud storage for feature attachments.

Powerful Spatial Analysis Tools

From visibility analysis and slope zoning to buffering and more, Mapsi equips you with powerful tools to perform in-depth analysis of raster and vector layers, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Seamless Integration with Other Spatial Servers

Connect effortlessly with leading spatial service providers like ArcGIS, QuantumGIS, GeoServer, and MapServer. Mapsi's compatibility ensures that your workflows remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Comprehensive Data Format Support

Mapsi supports the conversion and handling of over 90 data formats, both vector and raster. This versatility allows you to work with diverse data sets without any hassle.

Connectivity to National and International Databases

Access and integrate data from reputable spatial databases worldwide, including demographic, utility lines (water, gas, electricity), and more. Mapsi facilitates seamless data integration to enrich your analyses.

User-Friendly Drawing and Editing Tools

Create and modify various shapes with ease. Mapsi offers intuitive tools for drawing, copying, cutting, rotating, and more, making spatial editing straightforward and efficient.

Robust Search and Filtering Capabilities

Quickly find and filter data across vector and urban layers. Mapsi's advanced search functionalities allow you to save and retrieve filtered results effortlessly.

Dynamic Routing and Profiling

Plan routes based on different vehicles, draw elevation profiles, and dynamically manage blockages. Mapsi's routing features ensure optimal navigation and planning.

High-Quality Printing and Export Options

Export your maps and layers in GeoPDF format, ensuring high-quality, professional-grade outputs for presentations and reports.

Flexible Data Modeling

Define various information fields dynamically, with extensive support for different data formats. Mapsi's data model adaptability caters to your unique project requirements.

Comprehensive Layer Management

Define, categorize, and manage vector layers with specialized workspaces. Mapsi offers tools for detailed layer management, ensuring your data is organized and accessible.

Interactive Dashboard Displays

Visualize data insights with interactive dashboards displayed on geographic layers. Mapsi's dashboards provide an intuitive interface for monitoring and analysis.

GeoService Capabilities:

Routing Services: Provide routing services based on OSM data using GraphHopper and OSRM, with features like defining blockages, reporting elevation profiles, and determining the type of vehicle.

Data Conversion Services: Offer data conversion services both online and offline, capable of converting various vector and raster data formats such as Tiff, GeoTiff, and ECW.

Search Services: Provide search services based on urban layers with reverse search capabilities.

Image Services: Offer image services in XYZ format based on custom layers in TIFF, ECW formats with desired zoom levels.

Analysis and Mining Services: Provide analysis and mining services on urban layers based on OverPassAPI.

Cloud-Based Spatial Analysis: Offer cloud-based spatial analysis services using GRASS.

Urban Map Services: Provide urban black and white map services (OSM Standard Black/White) in XYZ format up to zoom level 19.

Google Topographic Image Services: Offer Google topographic image services (Google Terrain) in XYZ format up to zoom level 19.

Urban Landscape Map Services: Provide urban landscape map services (OSM Landscape) in XYZ format up to zoom level 19.

Google Satellite Imagery Services: Offer Google satellite imagery services in XYZ format up to zoom level 21.

Google Hybrid Imagery Services: Provide Google hybrid imagery services in XYZ format up to zoom level 21.

Catalog Services: Offer catalog services with access control capabilities.

Standard-Based Services: Provide services based on WFS, WPS, WMTS, WMS standards.

Why Choose Mapsi?

Mapsi stands out as the ultimate GIS software solution for its unparalleled security, versatility, and user-centric design. Whether you're a GIS professional, urban planner, or data analyst, Mapsi empowers you to transform spatial data into actionable insights. Experience the future of GIS with Mapsi and elevate your spatial data management and analysis to new heights.

Mapsi: Your Ultimate GIS Solution