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Tracksi: Revolutionizing Logistics Management

Tracksi is a comprehensive logistics management software designed to streamline the transportation of employees, products, and materials within a factory.

Recognizing the critical role that efficient transportation plays in a factory’s life cycle, Tracksi provides a centralized system for transportation management, ensuring system integrity, optimizing capacity management, and improving decision-making processes. This fleet monitoring software is essential for logistics fleet management, logistics routing, and overall logistics management.

Tracksi's smart system monitors the condition of transportation, manages transportation requests, and ensures the efficiency of the transport mechanism. The system serves as the primary core of the transportation ecosystem, offering extensive functionalities that facilitate interaction with various stakeholders.

It collects and processes essential information related to drivers, vehicles, missions, and activities, integrating data from intelligent sensor management systems to optimize operations.

With advanced features such as real-time monitoring of fuel tank capacity, vehicle position, engine status, traffic routes, and distance, Tracksi provides instantaneous data on driver and vehicle performance. It also supports detailed management of route types and their specifics, ensuring all service and energy dispatches are efficiently managed.

The system’s dashboard management capabilities offer valuable insights for planning and decision-making, empowering businesses to enhance operational efficiency and achieve their logistics goals.

Tracksi is available on web platforms, Android, and iOS, and can be securely implemented on an organization’s local servers, ensuring seamless integration and scalability to meet evolving business needs.

tracksi - logistics management

Features of the Management Panel:

  • Assigning the sensor to the mechanism.
  • Recording the status of the vehicle.
  • Recording the status of drivers.
  • Recording or updating basic information such as vehicle information (capacity, model, etc.), driver, related documents, portable materials, Contractor, contracts, and types of mechanism (property and rental), places, and...
  • Mission registration sub-system as tonnage based, service based, hourly based, smelting volume based...
  • Fuel managing sub-system with the ability to monitor the volume of the vehicle fuel tank, analyze the amount of fuel consumed by each mechanism, manage the allocation of fuel to each mechanism, and the ability to record the time and places of fuel loading.
  • Connecting to existing systems for information exchange with transport mechanisms and basic information delivery systems.
  • Two-way connection of the intelligent sensor processing system to the vehicle management system to receive and process the latest status of the reported sensors and send status commands.
  • Notifying drivers, staff, security guards, etc. of safety alerts via message or push notification system. B. Driver Violations.
  • Subsystem for managing route types in order to define routes along with permissible speeds to separate types of mechanisms.
  • Sub-system for calculating the cost and work of drivers based on the type of mechanism, type of activity, type of contract and scope of work.
  • Centralized authentication through the central security management system and a log of all user actions sent to the central security control system.
  • Analytical reports on transport performance including fuel consumption, tonnage carried by each mechanism in service and smelting missions based on mechanism type.

Features of the Driver Panel:

  • Authentication by mobile number
  • Completing profiles and upload documents
  • Turning on and off the GPS of the phone and routing the mission location
  • Recording off duty/ on call status along with instant status such as accidents, etc.
  • Receiving daily missions as well as confirming or rejecting the mission with the mentioned reason by the driver.
  • Ability to view live location on map and location of the vehicle in app
  • Ability to view performance reports and view reports of the missions with status
  • Ability to view upcoming missions
  • Submitting complaints and tickets, rating the performance of the driver at the end of the mission
  • Available on all platforms