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Taksi: Transform Logistics with Smart Fleet Management

Taksi is an innovative logistics management software designed to enhance the operational efficiency of light transport fleets. By leveraging a smart system, Taksi evaluates the performance of subordinate units and fleets, optimizing processes and planning services to maintain operations under various circumstances, including crises. This logistics software helps organizations streamline costs through precise system control, ensuring seamless logistics fleet management.

Available on web platforms, Android, and iOS, Taksi can also be securely implemented on an organization’s local servers. Beyond functioning as an Internet taxi platform, Taksi addresses the unique demands of organizations, providing comprehensive fleet monitoring software that supports operational excellence and efficiency.

taksi - smart fleet monitoring

Features of the Management Panel:
  • Recording all kinds of basic information such as driver, passenger, vehicle information...
  • Booking a trip, having multiple origins and destinations, and trips with multiple passengers
  • Monitoring instantly the driver’s/passenger’s location on the map
  • Exchanging messages with drivers and passengers via messenger
  • Defining organizational charts and roles that should confirm trips and ...
  • Presenting different types of financial, functional and survey reports
  • Regulating the types of cost estimation methods
  • Defining the types of payment gateways or individual and corporate credit limits
  • Recording the current working status of drivers for planning purposes
  • Assigning drivers dynamically and manually according to defined rules,
  • Notifying different roles pf safety warnings
  • Managing tickets for passengers and drivers
  • Determining the approval procedure for drivers

Features of the Passenger Panel:

  • Submitting a trip request of different types of cars along with selecting origin and destination on the map or favorite locations
  • Viewing the momentary status of a trip request
  • Rating trips and drivers
  • Viewing the history of trips and requests
  • Finding alternate routes, having multiple destinations, multiple stops, waiting time and requesting a ride for a guest.
  • Exchanging text and voice messages with the driver
  • Booking a trip
  • Confirming the trips of employees
  • Viewing driver’s location live on the map
  • Authenticating via mobile phone or username/password
  • Paying the trip via bank portal or wallet
  • Registering complaints as tickets

Features of the Drivers Panel:

  • Viewing the type of requested trip in the form of multiple trips, bookings, etc
  • Declining/ confirming trips
  • Trip routing
  • Sending text/ voice messages to passengers and admin panel
  • Rating trips
  • Viewing earnings by day, week and...
  • Registering complaints as tickets
  • Viewing assigned trips in calendar format
  • Registering birth certificate and identity card information
  • Approving/ rejecting changes during the trip
  • Managing multi-destination or multi-origin trips

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Taksi empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve route planning, and enhance overall fleet productivity. The system’s real-time tracking and reporting capabilities ensure that managers have complete visibility into their fleet operations, allowing them to respond swiftly to any issues and maintain optimal service levels.

Additionally, Taksi’s customizable alerts and notifications help managers stay informed about critical events, enabling proactive management and minimizing downtime. By integrating seamlessly with existing systems, Taksi offers a scalable solution that grows with your business needs, ensuring long-term efficiency and success.