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Guardsi is a single sign on solution for web applications and RESTful web services. Guardsi›s goal is to simplify application security so that developers can secure the applications and services they deploy in their organizations. Security features that usually a developer has to create himself, Gardsi provides in a ready and adjustable package according to the needs of the organization, Gardsi offers a customizable user environment for entering the program, managing users and administrators and managing accounts.

GuardSi offers the following features:

Creating single-sign-on and single-sign-out operations for programs that run on browsers.
Support for OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML
Identity Brokering
• The possibility of authenticating users using external Identity Providers or social networks
Social Login
• The possibility of entering the program using the authentication system of social networks such as google, facebook, github, etc.
User Federation
• Ability to synchronize users with LDAP and Active Directory servers
• The possibility of synchronizing users with the services of personal User Storage Providers

Kerberos bridge
• The possibility of automatic authentication of users logged in to the Kerberos server
Management console
• Possibility of centralized management of users, roles, mapping users and groups to roles, clients and settings, using the management console
Account management console
• The ability to manage user accounts by users themselves using the account management console
Theme support
• The possibility of personalizing the appearance of pages that can be viewed by users
Two-step authentication
• Ability to support TOTP/HOTP using Google Authenticator or FreeOTP
Login flows
Meeting management
CORS support
Guardsi in any language or platform that supports OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 libraries
Realm management to manage users, roles, groups and credentials
Client management
Scope management, user management
User group management, user meeting management
Manage user roles, manage password policies
Event management

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